Originated from Michael McCarthy & Felicity O’Dell, English Vocabulary in Use Advanced, Third Edition, page 14.

Source: Unsplash

When companies are recruiting (1), they often have a set of criteria (2) (e.g. three years of experience in the field, or a degree in a relevant area) which they use to find the most suitable candidates. If you are shortlisted (3) for an interview, make sure you do your homework first: find out as much as you can about the company, its products, markets, competitors, etc. If you can, ask a friend to do a trial run (4) with you. This will help boost (5) your confidence. The interview may be conducted by a panel [a group of people], probably including your future line manager (6). Don’t forget to make eye contact with all the interviewers while you are talking. As you arrive for the interview, body language (7) is important. Give a firm handshake and speak up (8). This will help to create a good first impression.

  • (1) recruiting (v) → hiring (new staff)
  • (2) criteria /kraɪˈtɪriə/ (n) → requirements you use to make a decision

*criteria is a plural noun, its singular noun is criterion

  • (3) shortlisted (v) → selected from a larger group
  • (4) trial run (n) → a practice for something new
  • (5) boost /buːst/ (v) → improve or increase
  • (6) line manager (n) → the person who is directly responsible for your work
  • (7) body language (n) → physical movements which show how you are feeling
  • (8) speak up (v) → speak (more) loudly and clearly


  • Companies recruit → There is a set of criteria
  • If a person is shortlisted for an interview → He/She should do the homework and do a trial run with a friend → This helps to boost confidence
  • The interview can be conducted by a panel, including a future line manager
  • To create a good first impression → Use body language, give a firm handshake, speak up and make eye contact with the interviewers while talking



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